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Eric Jackson, longtime jazz DJ, dies

GBH reports the death this morning of Eric Jackson, host of "Eric in the Evenings," who had broadcast jazz in Boston for more than 50 years.

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I loved everything about Eric in the Evening- his calming voice and the rhythmic way he spoke. I always felt I was sitting down with a friend who was steeped in knowledge who was sharing it with me.

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May he rest well

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He supported the early careers of the major talent on international stages today. He hit the clubs to hear new artists and had a really good ear. He was always a calming presence as I. remember when I worked with him. Now we're all wondering if GBH is going to preserve his legacy. He's going to be a loss to our music culture here in Boston.

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Absolutely loved Eric in the evening!

He wasn't just a Jazz man though. It was through his show that I learned about Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers. Until then I had no idea that Cajun music was an actual genre on its own. I thought it was just lumped in as folk music: Only heard on the bayous and on the occasional movie soundtrack set in the Louisiana Bayou.

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one of the mainstays of Boston radio. I had the privilege of meeting him back in the 80s

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I'll never forget one night at Berklee, after Jackson had introduced Chelsea native Chick Corea, Chick came out and ribbed Eric for a few minutes, like "Does anyone actually understand what he's saying?" and then did a perfect imitation of Eric's voice ("").

In all seriousness, he was a legend, for good reason, and I hope he and Chick are sharing another laugh right now.

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