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Six-story apartment building proposed for Mission Hill site where one developer once proposed a 35-story tower

Jefferson Apartment Group of McLean, VA, yesterday told the BPDA it will soon file detailed plans for a six-story, 150-unit apartment building on Worthington Street, near Huntington Avenue, behind its existing 20-story J-Vue at LMA on St. Alphonsus Street.

In 2014, a Chicago developer proposed a 35-story residential building on the site, but nearby residents and the city both said that was more than a tad out of character for the neighborhood and the company eventually gave up.

The site is now home to a parking garage for J-Vue, which Jefferson wants to replace with its new building - and an 85-space underground garage that will serve residents of both the new building and J-Vue.

Jefferson said it would provide a range of units from studios to three-bedrooms and that it would provide the required affordable units - at least 13% of the total - on site.

45 Worthington St. filings and calendar.

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Six story building seems a bit more reasonable than 35.

Since it is a Chicago developer I had to add the song reference albeit amended to fit my comment needs.

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Sad that they're not going with the 35 story option.

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