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Former South Boston convent turned after-school center could become low-income senior housing

McDevitt Hall

The South Boston Neighborhood Development Corp. has filed plans with the BPDA to renovated McDevitt Hall, 207 E. St., to make it an apartment building with 35 units for seniors and one for a live-in manager.

The non-profit has a purchase-and-sale agreement for the property with the Paraclete Foundation, which had used the building for educational enrichment programs after buying it in 2008 from the Archdiocese of Boston, which no longer needed it as a convent for St. Augustine Parish. According to the SBNDC's filing, Paraclete closed due to the pandemic and has not re-opened and will use the proceeds from the sale of the building for scholarships.

Of the 35 new apartments, 19 will be rented to seniors making no more than 50% of the Boston area median income, 16 will be reserved for people making no more than 30% of that level and 4 will be for people who are currently homeless.

As South Boston faces rapid gentrification and an aging population, the proposed development will help senior residents age in place through the provession of affordable housing and supportive services.

Two parking spaces were proposed.

SBNDC estimates the project will cost $24 million, to be financed in part through tax credits and funds from city and state agencies. It hopes to begin a year of conversion work in 2025.

207 E St. filings and calendar.

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Added that to the original post.

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Senior housing is an under-addressed part of the housing issue up here. People are aging in their oversized, frankly unsafe homes (I'm young and able bodied and have slipped on my victorian deathstairs more than once) which constricts the supply downstream. Provide people with affordable, desirable, safe alternatives and we can see more movement in the market.

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