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Jean McGuire, 91-year-old civil-rights pioneer, stabbed repeatedly while walking dog in Franklin Park

WCVB reports that Jean McGuire, 91, was stabbed several times around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday as she walked her dog down Playstead Road, near the basketball courts.

McGuire, who fought for desegregation, helped found the Metco program. In 1981, she became was the first Black woman elected to the Boston School Committee, when members were still elected.

McGuire is expected to survive. Animal Control was called to take care of her dog as she was transported to a local hospital.

Boston Police report the suspect may have been injured during the attack as well.

Detectives are urging anyone that was in the area during that time and may have witnessed this incident or observed anything suspicious to contact Area B-2 detectives at 617-343-4275.

McGuire bio, photos and video.



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Lead METCO program and was the first woman of color elected to the Boston School Committee.

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Her sister says JM, and her Weimaraner, both fought off the attacker.

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Citizens need to be armed against these criminals. This lady posed no threat to anyone and only wanted to walk her dog. After a career helping students throughout the city this is what happens to her. People need to carry.

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You are one big ignorant fool.

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You sound pleasant and reasonable.

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I’m 80% delightful.

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Criminals will be armed with banana clips so it is only reasonable a responsible citizen should be armed. Trust me, I have grown up here and dealt with these scumbags unlike the majority of the commenters here that live in their own fantasy world.

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I'd think we'd arm the 91 year olds first as they are the most vulnerable. Then the 4 to 12 year olds, also unable to protect themselves. This plan is coming together nicely.

She sounds like a wonderful person.

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"Carrying"? Aren't you coy. She was probably carrying a number of things: a dog leash, at least, and quite likely a purse. Are you afraid to say "carry a gun" for some reason? Perhaps because people like me will then call you a coward and tell you to ooze off back to Texas?

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pointing this out, xyz. The term "Carrying" instead of saying carrying (and using) a gun is a frigging euphemism. The gun lobby has lots of them.

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To quote my friend Soog: "If someone pulls a gun on you, you aren't getting to yours."

Best we can hope for is justice, either judicial or vigilante.

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There was forty feet between them
When they stopped to make their play
And the swiftness of the 91-year-old woman
Is still talked about today
The thug punk had not cleared leather
'Fore a bullet fairly ripped
And the geriatric's aim was deadly
With the big iron on her hip
Big iron on her hip

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Only there wasn't any 40 feet and it wasn't pistols at dawn, or dusk, or whatever.

Gun lobby self-soothing fictions sure do sell a lot of "big iron" though.

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LTC holders are prohibited by state law carrying in State Parks and on City of Boston property such as playgrounds

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I've never heard of those restrictions except for schools.

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Has a description of the suspect been released?
Could still be lurking in the area.

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UHub's vocal contingent of 2nd amendment absolutists have spent the afternoon firing their weapons into the air all around Franklin Park, as a preventative measure. If the suspect were indeed lurking in the woods, surely he'd have been hit by a stray bullet by now.

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All I know is that this is incredibly upsetting. Wtf!? This cd have been so much worse and I am so grateful she survived. A person of this age will have a hard recovery god help us all.

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why the hell are so many people excited about the idea of openly carrying guns? It's ludicrous, because, first of all, open carrying is against the law here in the Bay State. Secondly, a gun or any other type of weapon can be taken away from and used against the owner.

Thirdly, very few guns, if any, have been used in self-defense. A gun is a weapon of war that is designed to kill people, and frequently enough, does precisely that.

Fourth, if the gun laws here in the Bay State were loosened, we'd be ending up with mass shootings that have occurred in other parts of the United States. The reason the Bay State hasn't had any of these mass shootings that have occurred in other parts of the United States is because the Bay State has some of the strictest and tightest and toughest gun laws in the USA, which as a Bay State resident, am more than grateful for.

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