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Man thrown through plate-glass window in early morning North End fight

Live Boston reports things got a bit out of hand shortly before 3 a.m. at Salem and Prince streets. While one police officer applied a tourniquet to the man's wrist, others were busy arresting a suspect.

Boston Police report arresting Carl Larson, 23, of Burlington.

While on directed patrol on Prince Street, Officers heard yelling coming from the area of Bova's Bakery, located at 134 Salem Street. Officers approached the intersection where multiple people were yelling. Officers observed a large pane glass window that was shattered and an individual sitting on the sidewalk bleeding. As officers approached the scene, multiple people on scene pointed in the direction of a male, later identified as Larson, fleeing the scene on foot. Officers chased the suspect on foot and apprehended him a short distance away. The adult male victim had a severe laceration to his hand that required the officer to place a tourniquet on his arm to stop the bleeding. The on-scene investigation detailed that Larson had punched the victim several times before throwing him through the plate glass window.

Larson was charged with aggravated assault and battery, assault and battery and malicious destruction of property, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Live Boston reference is link to Google maps.

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Not that they have to be related at all...but this was posted on Reddit just a few days ago:

Just got harassed (called slurs and had a beer thrown on me) walking home in the North End

I was across the street diagonally from Bova's at the intersection of Salem and Prince St. when three drunk college-age looking dudes approached me and asked a question. I didn't hear what they said as I was on the phone with someone, but as I was lowering my phone to talk to them (I assumed they were tourists asking for directions) I stumbled a bit on the curb and they took that as a cue to get belligerent. They started shouting "oh he's a f*ggot" and followed me as I picked up the pace walking home, still on the phone. They followed me a good way up Salem St., probably to around Sheafe St., when they started to lag behind me. Unfortunately, one of them threw a beer (I assume) on me as I continued on my way.

I wonder if someone and their shithead friends lives around there and finally picked on the wrong person.

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It takes tremendous strength to throw someone through a plate glass window.

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