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Man convicted of killing two doctors in their South Boston condo gets to spend the rest of his life in prison

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld Bampumim Teixeira's two first-degree murder convictions for the stabbing deaths of Drs. Lina Bolanos and Richard Field in their condo in their home in 2017.

In a ruling that goes into great detail on just how the two died, the state's highest court said Teixeira got a fair trial in 2019, so he will now spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

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Between 7:05 P.M. and 7:09
P.M., six calls to 911 were placed from his cell phone, one
lasting four seconds and the others lasting zero seconds.

At 7:41 P.M., an almost three minute call to 911 was placed from Field's cell phone. Three
people were recorded on the call: Field, Bolanos, and an
unknown person

a one-second call was placed to 911 from Field's cell
phone at 7:45 P.M.

Five officers arrived at the building around 8:45 P.M. and
took the elevator to the eleventh floor

how does it take the police an hour and 40 minutes to respond to this? i realize there were 911 callbacks but i thought they sent someone to check out 911 hang-ups?

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Here's hoping the murderer of those two doctors in their South Boston Condo gets life with no parole--in a maximum-security penitentiary. That's what he deserves!

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That he's getting life without parole.

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Okay! Good! Glad that he's getting life with no parole. Thank you for confirming it.

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