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Big rig makes big mess on Storrow Drive

It's like the old bar joke: " 'Say, we don't get many big rigs in here.' 'At these heights, I can see why.' "

Alrighty then: A driver with a professional driver's license didn't plan out his route, ignored the "CARS ONLY" signs, got on Soldiers Field Road inbound overnight and, boom, storrowed his expensive vehicle smack into the Grand Junction train bridge by the BU Bridge.

Naturally, he created some glorious traffic jams as State Police had to divert traffic onto Western Avenue, as the bridge just sat there, victorious once again.

State Police reported at 8:28 a.m. that a big big-rig tow truck managed to haul what was left of the truck off Storrow for temporary deposit in the Doubletree Hotel parking lot.



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Based on the remains at the hotel I'd rate this one at least a 9. Really impressive.

Tons of traffic on both sides of the river which meant even more grid lock than normal. (Hey dopes, if there isn't space for your car at the other side of the intersection don't pull forward.)

At least two fender benders on Storrow around 8:40am. Lots of traffic + wet road = collision lane.

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A worthy effort! I think the recent one where the truck actually turned over still wins for the year (so far) though.

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Haven't seen it like this in sometime, riding in this morning there was tons of traffic there and usually its not that packed, Brighton Ave. bus lane full of cars and all the way up Comm Ave to the BU Bridge.

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and I counted *nineteen* signs with warnings about this.

Not three or four. 19.

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Based on Google Maps street view, this is what a truck driver will see if they exit the DoubleTree hotel's truck dock and incorrectly attempt to make the right turn onto Soldiers Field Rd. eastbound. There's nothing physically stopping them, and only one tiny "no trucks" pictorial sign visible. The overhead flashing light apparatus appears to be positioned in the wrong place to prevent this from happening.


There are some small height warning signs right before the bridge, but there doesn't appear to be a sign on the bridge itself:


This isn't rocket science to fix, so I'm guessing the state authorities are either incompetent (never!!) or they tolerate a certain number of storrowings because they prefer the aesthetics of the minimalist signage.

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I think the general rule ought to be that there is clear, abundant signage with Storrow warnings BEFORE a driver would have to back up to fix their error. A quick look around with street view makes it clear that this is very much not currently the case. There is tons of room for improvement in making it idiot and out-of-towner proof.

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exit only to the hotel (and to Houghton Chemical Co.), not for entrance to Soldiers Field Road. Even for an ordinary car, that would be a more than 90-degree turn, and I don't think a truck could make the turn at all. But I don't see any signs marking it as one-way or 'do not enter'.

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state authorities are either incompetent (never!!) or they tolerate a certain number of storrowings because they prefer the aesthetics of the minimalist signage.

I think it's a mix of laziness, apathy, and some spite.

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Looks like the roof of the trailer peeled sideways. I think that could be a first!

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