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Developers would replace decaying industrial building in Roslindale with 230 apartments

Two developers, including one that rebuilt and expanded the former Arsenal Mall in Watertown, say they will soon file plans for a six-story, 230-unit apartment building with 124 parking spaces along the Needham Line train tracks between Lochdale and Arboretum roads in Roslindale, near Forest Hills.

Boylston Properties of the Back Bay and Velney Development of Medford say the development, on a 2.3-acre lot, would turn "a dilapidated industrial site into a vibrant residential community," and would include about 9/10s of an acre set aside for "highly sustainable landscaping featuring more than 100 new native trees, rain gardens, and pollinator corridor."

The two say they will also upgrade the sidewalks on Arboretum Road to make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to get to and from the Arnold Arboretum via a currently unmaintained path that passes under the train tracks.

Because of the size of the proposed project, the project would undergo a more detailed review process than most of the other projects that have been proposed along Washington Street in recent years, including detailed traffic studies and the appointment of a local "impact advisory group" by the BPDA.

18-22 Arboretum Rd. filings.



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Great to see the low-story rust get demolished and turned into high density housing, especially so close to transit. There are dozens if not hundreds of sites like this in Boston's outer neighborhoods just waiting for the right developer to come along and the owners being willing to sell.

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Is the BPDA contact listed here related to Ed Coppinger or the guy who used to be the Mayor point of contact for Roslindale.

Anyways, build baby build.

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Not Related to Ed Coppinger. Is sister (I believe) of former Mayor's Liaison for Roslindale. She's actually good at her job though (versus some of them at the BPDA)!

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His name is Joe. When he introduced himself at a meeting I attended, he acknowledged that he was Ed's nephew.

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Wonder if the developers are aware that there are already plans underway to improve access to the Arboretum via the Arboretum Road underpass - seems like a great opportunity for them to ride on the coattails of that plan and look good without having to do any of the legwork themselves.

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They are incorporating that into their plan including putting funding into it.

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Where can I find more information about the funding they will put in?

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I mentioned this project, and that it looks like this is the next area primed for development.

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Does anyone know what will happen to Kinetic Systems, the existing business on Arboretum Road?

I worked in the office of that factory many, many years ago and the company has been in that spot for over 50 years.

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"highly sustainable landscaping featuring more than 100 new native trees, rain gardens, and pollinator corridor."

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