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Long closed sporting-goods store in Packards Corner could be replaced by six-story residential building

Rendering of proposed 1035 Commonwealth Ave.

Rendering by Monte French Design Studio.

A developer has filed plans to replace the old City Sports at 1035 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston with a six-story, 55-unit residential building with retail space on the ground floor.

In a filing with the BPDA, developers BGI Homes of Brighton and D2 Development of Roxbury say the $15-million project would have units ranging from studios to three bedrooms. The plans do not specify whether the units would be rented as apartments or sold as condos. Seven of the units would be offered as affordable.

The building, right on the B Line and the 57 bus route, would have no parking spaces for residents but two for the retail space. The filing notes that Fenway Park is a 29-minute walk away. Residents would have easier access to Thai food - at Brown Sugar next door.

The developer expect the units "will be very attractive to those seeking an active neighborhood within the urban context of Boston."

City Sports closed in 2015.

1035 Commonwealth Ave. filings and meeting schedule.



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How are they avoiding an additional "affordable" unit? Doesn't the rule require 13% or greater? This is less than the minimum.

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For the well-connected, even more unaffordable for everyone else.

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A developer can make a payment to the BPDA's affordable-housing fund, which is used to help acquire or preserve affordable units. Somewhere in their filing, they have the exact amount for the payment they're making for the roughly 1/3 unit they're short.

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Maybe they're expecting to add at least one more restricted unit during "negotiations" with the neighborhood, and they'll try to pass it off as a concession even though it's legally required.

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It's too bad about City Sports. Support your local sporting goods and outdoor stores! If you do all your shopping on Amazon, that's the only business that will survive.

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City Sports never figured out what it was...

Was it a shoe shop? A t-shirt shop? A place to buy a frisbee? There was a nod to actual sports content...but the quality of it all was garbage...it was the kind of stuff you'd buy your kid to see if they like hockey...not actually buy if you play hockey.

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This looks good. All those one- and two-story buildings on a major transit route, great to see them built higher. Build it!

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