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Mattapan joins Hyde Park in losing a Walgreens

City Councilor Brian Worrell reports the Walgreens at 90 River St. in Mattapan is closing its doors.

Unlike the Walgreens in Hyde Park, it doesn't have a neighboring supermarket with a pharmacy, so Worrell adds:

This facility serves so many people in Mattapan, especially elderly providing them the necessary medication they need everyday. My team is gathering more information to hear what impact this will have to the surrounding area. We will be releasing more information soon to help you and your families navigate the best options for getting prescriptions and accessing nearby pharmacies.



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I work down the street from that Walgreens, which used to be a Rite Aid before it converted to a Walgreens in late 2019. That was where Star Market was before it went down the street to where Berger Instruments used to be.

Whenever I need something fast and couldn't get it at the Lower Mills CVS, I would pick it up there.

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i live nearby and it's a great store -- clean, huge, well-stocked, convenient and the staff is great. a big loss for the surrounding neighborhoods of Mattapan, Dorchester and Milton.

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Star Market will open a pharmacy.

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and capture the customer base? What say you, CVS and Rite Aid? Maybe Sullivan's Pharmacy of Roslindale would like to expand a bit?

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That was my goto - the CVS in Lower Mills generally seems sold out of everything nowadays (plus are going through a rather big remodel, I guess, making it all an even bigger mess).

I will say I was in there the other day and witnessed two kids (well, teens) just whip out a duffel bag and walk through the store just clearing off shelves - literally stiff arm out just funneling into the bags and waltzing out like it was nothing. The employee at checkout wasn't phased at all but also mentioned that he was literally the only employee in the store which is pretty bat shit crazy.

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Sounds like super profitable location.

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No longer allowed to really do anything beyond asking "would you like to pay for that?", Doing more than that is a violation of company policy (at least at CVS -- and I assume Walgreens is the same). And even that sort of mild question still can earn a staff member a punch in the face.

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This isn’t news, Walgreens started closing stores in high theft neighborhoods in 2021.

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