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Retired Boston cop laid to rest on anniversary of Roslindale bomb explosion that killed his partner and left him with permanent injuries

Retired BPD officer Francis Foley, who died Oct. 23, at 80, was to be buried today in Mount Benedict Cemetery in West Roxbury, 31 years to the day after he and his fellow bomb-squad member, Jeremiah Hurley, responded to 39 Eastbourne St. in Roslindale to investigate a suspicious package.

The package turned out to be a wooden box filled with dynamite and blasting caps, originally attached to a car with a magnet and with a radio-controlled activator, which blew up as the two were trying to disarm it. One man served 12 years for helping attach the device to his father's car - possibly to try to kill him to collect insurance - while the man who actually built the device was sentenced to life in prison - a sentence reduced last year to 41 years.

Last night, at a celebration of Foley's life at the Gormley Funeral Home in West Roxbury, a bomb-squad unit vehicle, its blue lights flashing, paid tribute on Centre Street. After leaving the Air Force and before joining the BPD bomb squad, Foley served on the BPD mounted unit; two state troopers on horses provided an honor guard at the funeral-home doors.

In his obituary, Foley's family remembered him:

Francis retired from the force in 1992 after being injured on October 28, 1991, suffering for many years due to his injuries.

After retiring, Francis focused his time on his passions which included golf, exercise and most of all, his family. He was selfless with his time, always prioritizing other’s needs before his own, whether it was traveling afar to watch his grandchildren’s sporting events or performances or helping police officers across the country recover and heal from loss and trauma. He will be greatly missed by so many whose lives he touched, especially his grandchildren. Papa, you are our Hero!



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Rest in Peace Officer Foley.

Hopefully the Foley Family finds some comfort in knowing Francis’ service and sacrifice pre/post retirement are greatly appreciated by many.

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He was a customer of a bank I worked at - didn't know him well but was always lovely to us.

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