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Egg tossing turned knifey at Ashmont station; three arrested

Transit Police report arresting a man with a knife and two egg-tossing teens at Ashmont station last night in what quickly, if only briefly, turned into a melee for which Transit Police requested aid from BPD.

Police say officers responded to the station around 9:30 p.m. after a woman reported a bunch of teens were throwing eggs at her and her children.

Officers approached the juvenile whom the reporting party identified as the main aggressor and observed a bowl of eggs near him as well as several broken eggs in the immediate area. The juvenile, 16, of Dorchester, provided a false name and was non-compliant with the officers. Ultimately the juvenile assaulted the officer and as the officers were attempting to place him into custody a crowd had gathered around the officers.

Another male juvenile, 16, of Dorchester, in his attempts to interfere with the officers was also placed into custody. During this time another adult male, later identified as Aaron Maloney-Callender, 29 of Mattapan, also interjected himself and displayed a knife at the officers. Officers engaged in a struggle with Maloney-Callender and ultimately were able to subdue him.

Maloney-Callender was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Well I guess they probably just stole them.

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Never bring a knife to an egg fight.

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oh yea make a joke of this.

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Isn't this guy a bit old to be hanging out in T stations with egg-throwing teenagers?

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What is wrong with this generation of teenage Halloween hooligans'?

Don't they know you throw the eggs at buses not people? Much skill is required to actually get a splatter on someone with the new T bus window configurations.

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I live very near this station and conditions are allowed to get out of control, because the T police have apparently been asked not to get involved in disruptive behavior. I used to take the T to Cambridge where I worked at Kendall Square. Not anymore. Things just are allowed to spiral. I hear from my house apparently mental health folks yelling and screaming for hours without any intervention. So sad

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