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Brookline shoplifter got the Maxx for the minimum after she whipped out a canister of pepper spray, police say

Brookline Police report a shoplifter at the TJ Maxx, 525 Harvard St. escaped in a cloud of pepper spray that she unleashed when she realized a store worker was about to try to stop her at the front door, shortly after 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Two customers were taken to local hospitals for observation after they were maced, police say, adding several other people were treated on scene by EMTs.

As she was attempting to exit the store she was being followed by a store employee. The merchandise security alarms went off and she was observed by this employee to have a canister in her right hand. She sprayed the entry way behind her with what is believed to be pepper spray. The suspect fled with a male suspect in a medium sized black pickup truck Southbound on Harvard Street toward Coolidge Corner.

The female suspect was described as a heavy set African American woman possibly in her 50s wearing a long black puffy coat, capris pants and a hoodie or head covering. The male suspect was described as being white with shoulder length hair.

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Imagine putting yourself in harm's way over $100 worth of crap that isn't even yours? Ridiculous.

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Turning what would be a minor crime (shoplifting) into an assault charge that probably won’t be dismissed and carries a much steeper penalty.

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A criminal with a plan. a poor plan but it was a plan. It boggles the mind that someone would risk an assault charge over what as @BostonDog pointed out would be considered a minor offense, Hope they catch em.

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yup, i worked at the osco-drug in davis square in the 90's. like i'm gonna' risk being stomped out or stabbed for $4 batterys.

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Another store employee chased a shoplifter into North Station and ended up getting stabbed.

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