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Another apartment building approved on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain

Rendering of 3409 Washington St. proposal

Rendering by RODE Architects.

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved plans to replace a tow lot with a four-story, 29-unit apartment building at 3409 Washington St., between Green Street and Union Avenue in Jamaica Plain.

Plans by Jigar Patel's S&H Management of Hyde Park show seven parking spaces and a small commercial unit on the ground floor. The building will not have gas hookups and will have solar panels on the roof.

The building - first proposed as a boutique hotel - would have 14 studios, 9 one-bedroom apartments and 6 two-bedroom units. Six would be rented as affordable, with four meant for people making no more than 70% of the Boston area median income and two for people making no more than 30% of that level.

The BPDA approved the $10-million project in January. S&H bought the 10,565-square-foot parcel for $2.5 million in September.

3409 Washington St. filings.

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Before Brakeman's is gone too.

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JP is long gone. Welcome to East Brookline or South South End

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Why does is say 2022? Should be 1996.

JP hit the nitrogen cycle after the end of rent control started having an effect. That's when the doggie bakery people said "I discovered this placed called Hyde Square! It's so ethnic!" and then the "ethnics" had to move out because Molly from Shaker Heights moved in for cheaper rent than she was paying in Inman Square.

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It was way better when Washington Street was a bunch of tow lots or barely used commercial buildings vs new housing for an area that a lot of people really want to live in.

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You and yours pushed out the working class from JP.

Don't ever forget that.

You and yours are destroyers of lives in your quest for cheaper rent.

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So are you for rent control then?

Gentrification is a tricky issue without serious commitment to quality public housing IMO but you've never struck me as an urbanist if I'm being honest...

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Things like tow lots being pushed out of the city for more housing is always good news.

This whole area seems like it could have more of a community feel with a bit more development. The whole nearby eyesore area between Amory and Brookside that isn't already residential ought to get the same treatment -- put in more residential with ground floor restaurants and retail.

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