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Man walking on Mattapan Line tracks hit and killed by trolley

A man walking on the Mattapan Line tracks between Capen Street and Mattapan Square on Tuesday night died after he was hit by a trolley, Transit Police confirm. Foul play is not suspected, they add.



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Win stupid prizes...

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If you have nothing nice to say - say nothing. Somebody died and their family must be going through horrible times.

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Is now left having to deal with killing some fool walking on the tracks

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It's a pretty good rule of thumb to never walk along train tracks even if you think it's safe, but I don't really see this as so obviously stupid as to invite mockery. It seems like an area where people might not appreciate the danger. Capen St is a weird little station and looking at Google Maps it looks like around the station there's room to the side of tracks, although it also looks like that narrows as you move further down.

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To say what the original poster said a little better. If this guy was walking down the middle of 93 and got hit by a car, everyone would call him - irresponsible. But when someone walks on train tracks and gets hit by a train, it's always the big bad train that hit this poor person.

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Correct headline with ANY person walking on train tracks: Trespassing car/pedestrian killed while on tracks.

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