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Three people shot on Rosa Street in Hyde Park; that's six people shot across city within a half hour

Three people were shot at Rosa Street and River Street in Hyde Park around 9:45 p.m. Police found one victim at the scene; a relative drove two others to a local trauma center.

The shooting was near Ross Playground, which has become a center of gunfire over the past couple of years.

Other shootings around the same time:
Two shot on Orlando Street in Mattapan, one dead.
One shot on Westview Street in Dorchester.

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Violent night, RIP to the families affected.

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Calling in the Homicide unit doesn't necessarily mean anyone died. I fervently hope no one did.

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It means a victim is injured seriously enough that it warrants calling in the homicide detectives just in case (they're also called in for fatal crashes, even if there's no issue of homicide there).

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prerequisite "the homicide rate is actually down" line which she always has to squeeze in whenever a microphone is shoved in her face. That may still be true, but it's increasingly irrelevant and makes her seem heartless, especially when it's repeated by Commissioner Cox, as though the Media Relations team included it in a talking points memo.

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According to the Globe our emergency hospital rooms are no longer able to assist many patients because they are filled with victims of violence and others suffering from the scourge of drugs. Our police are powerless and our court system releases violent offenders back on the streets to continue their reign of terror. Our schools have serious gang and crime problems and our subways have become a moving asylum.

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In addition to having full capacity in our hospitals - and emergency departments not be being able to handle the volume of patients seeking treatment; Boston EMS is struggling to respond to 911 calls. The situation is dire across the country unfortunately.

Following Boston EMS pn FB; last night posts were regularly going out that all units were occupied with calls and not available for additional service. A short time later the gun fire across the City happened. Police in cruisers were the only available first responders at that time.

Here is a link to one of the posts:


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Statistically, Boston is still pretty safe compared to the 80ies.

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If only Boston's political leadership viewed shootings as much as threat as light poles and artificial turf.

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Boston is a big city, with multiple departments and thousands of employees, who collectively can focus on more than one issue at a time.

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Has improved under Mayor Wu’s leadership.

I’ll wait!

Ps pay raises for her and the council don’t count.

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that a good faith and productive discussion about the merits of the Wu administration will follow should someone spend the time to list the improvements they’ve noticed over the last year+.


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Weird that she's getting criticized for the one thing you can pretty definitively say she didn't do.

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They call a press conference only if someone's civil rights are violated.

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not everyone can post funny comments

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Bring back commissioner Gross. This is escalating and the current administration doesn’t have a clue on how to deescalate. At least Gross had a strategic approach

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