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Police: Four people collapse after snorting fentanyl in Hyde Park right after buying it; dealer was still on scene

Boston Police report arresting a Charlestown man on charges he sold fentanyl to four people early Sunday in Hyde Park, which they say they found out about when somebody called 911 to report multiple people collapsed with overdoses.

Police say Boston EMTs and firefighters were the first to arrive at 1442 Hyde Park Ave. around 5:10 a.m., where they found three women and a man collapsed on the ground. They revived all four with Narcan, then EMTs transported them to local hospitals for further treatment.

Officers learned the victims had snorted a powdery substance before collapsing. Officers located a fanny pack containing eleven small plastic bags of a white powdery substance belonging to another person on scene, later identified as Gilbert Eatherton, 22, of Charlestown.

He was charged with trafficking more than 10 grams of fentanyl, distribution of Class A drugs and possession of Class A drugs, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Obviously he is low level dealer since he didn't know how strong the drugs were nor did he run once he saw the affect on others.

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And perhaps a career as a Director of Constituent Services for some city councilor begins.

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Same name. Same approximate age. Arrested for guns and drugs in July.


Seems like an enterprising gent. Too bad he’s not going to trade school.

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There was a Gilbert "Gigi" Eatherton of Charlestown who was convicted bank robbery in the 70s. He was later highlighted in some Herald and other news articles as one of several Teamsters, each of whom has criminal backgrounds, that were involved in several Mass film productions.

Doubt they're related though etc etc

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Four Univ. of Idaho students were found dead in an off-campus apartment. Apparently, it was a homicide, but my first thought was fentanyl.

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I know hardly anything about the street drug market but I don’t associate precision manufacturing and quality control with that kind of business.

Do addicts have a way to know in advance what they are about to snort/inject or do they play Russian roulette every time they consume?

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One of the things we're seeing more of is fentanyl (which is apparently pretty cheap to make) being stamped into pills that look like other drugs.

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The users probably don't care if they OD or not. It isn't a recreational drug. You're an addict and your life most likely sucks. Taking that final hit to the Big Sleep is probably a better place in their circumstances. Of course it's hard on their families, etc.

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but I don't know how easy they are to acquire.

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Show it to a rural sheriff's office deputy via Zoom.

If they faint, then its fentanyl.

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is no Walter White.

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