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Fetus or body of young infant found in South Boston freezer

Where the body was found

Where the body was found. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports on the discovery around 2 p.m. in the freezer of an apartment at 838 East Broadway in South Boston. The remains were taken to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death and age.

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These are apparently condo units. I wonder how this was "discovered."

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At least 2 babies/fetuses discovered by cleaning crew

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I'm guessing the parts of the law that deal with this are pretty arcane. When it comes down to it -- at what gestational age would it be illegal for someone to preserve their own miscarriage, should they want to for some unfathomable reason? Googling it makes it seem like it's a gray area, something with major state-to-state differences, and something that's very much in a state of flux.

However, in this case it sounds like this was really late term and probably not so much of a gray area, maybe even homicide is in play here...

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It is considered a fetal death if there is no indication that the fetus was living at the time of birth. No reporting is required.

At 20 weeks (or 350g if gestational age not known) a miscarriage/stillbirth at home can be reported if the family wishes to have a death certificate, but doesn’t have to be. If it occurs in a hospital or with a birth professional present, it is reported by default.

If there is indication that the baby was born alive, then they legally became a living person at the time of birth, and all related laws regarding requirement to report a death apply.

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