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Everything about this jacket is wrong, and that's what makes it so wonderful

Beantown jacket for sale, with patch for National League champs in 1989

Josh Borrow spotted this jacket for sale in a store in Amsterdam, reports it says "Boston" on the back.



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It's a jacket for the Boston Beaneaters. They are in the National League and they were the champs last year, after all. The city and name may have changed quite some time ago, but you visit enough coffeeshops in Amsterdam and it all makes sense.

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I saw this clothing chain when I was over there. It's called America Today and it's hilarious. It's basically a Gap store, circa 2005, except almost every item of clothing has a US city name on it and like 70% say either Boston or New York. I guess the audience is late teens, twenty-somethings...?


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Should I go to the Dutch website or stay on the Dutch website?


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Personally I remember when there was a bean factory on Shawmut Avenue. Beantown always made sense to me.

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