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Jamaica Plain restaurant served its last meals on Friday

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Canary Square, at South Huntington Avenue and Centre Street, shut for good after its dinner service on Friday.

Friday night diners report their servers quietly told them the restaurant was closing.

On Saturday, a chalkboard reading "Byeeee Canary Square" sat inside the restaurant entrance.

A possible sign of the restaurant's problems appeared on Sunday, Nov. 13, when it posted it was closed for the day because "We just don't have enough staff to open today."



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Long live Trip D's!

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A beer served by Joe Devlin was a thing of beauty, especially at 17.

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I didn't see this coming. I'm in Canary Square pretty often, maybe a few times a month, and it's usually busy. However, they closed for vacation on one of the busiest restaurant days in JP since before the pandemic, the Open Streets event on Centre Street this summer. That left me wondering about why.

The guys who owned it were also behind Coda, and the Common Ground in Allston. Maybe they're retiring

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Retiring is nothing to be embarrassed about. If it's because they are retiring, why don't they just say that?

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That went out too, didn't it?

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Unless you were their immediate neighbor I don't really see what the draw was. It's a great location, hope the liquor license stays and someone else can open something a bit more inspired in that spot.

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Good beer selection and bartenders that cared about the job. Real good bar pizza too.

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Perhaps advertising was an issue for them; if you can't afford to staff your place you probably can't advertise either.

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Struggling to think of when I've ever seen an ad for a local restaurant with only one location.

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and retain good staff, despite a significant bump to the minimum wage this year. Lots of former hospitality workers just quit over covid and never came back. Everyone's labor costs are up, yet there is not enough talent to go around.

Most indie restaurants rely on social media marketing rather than traditional advertising. How many restaurants have you gone to lately because you saw an ad for them?

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Yeah, the beers were my main draw. Brunch was pretty good, too. Ever since they stopped making the banana French toast years ago, none of the food has been off-the-charts but it was fine.

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I hadn't been there since before the pandemic, but we used to really enjoy the appetizers and drinks. The mains were above average but not great. It was a nice outdoor spot for date nights.

I do miss the Common Ground - when every night used to be 90s night...because I went there in the 90s.

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Good TVs for sports, solid beer selection, two patios, much more spacious than most JP spots. I’ll miss Canary if this is the end.

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We ARE their neighbors, and stopped going there years ago (way before the pandemic and alleged staffing issues) due to the poor service, inept management, and uninteresting menu choices. They just never got their shit together to bring you the food (you ordered) in a timely manner, or to even be civil when you complained about being served dishes you did not order.

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... because everyone should have he experience of buying coke from a Boston cop.

(Also, I loved the Triple Ds waitresses)

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