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Basketball trainer charged with sprinkling drugs on woman's drink, raping her, leaving her bleeding and covered in bruises

Update: Charges dropped.

Prosecutors said today it wasn't enough for an NBA trainer to drug and rape a woman in a hotel in downtown Boston - the morning after, he texted her a photo of what appeared to be him having sex with a woman on what looked like her bed.

Robert McClanaghan, 43, of Warwick, RI, was ordered held in lieu of $30,000 bail today at his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court downtown on charges of rape and drugging for intercourse, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Should Robert McClanaghan, 43, of Warwick, RI make bail, he will have to surrender his passport, wear an ankle bracelet and stay in Rhode Island, except for court appearances or to meet with the lawyers handling his case in Boston Municipal Court, under terms set by Judge James Stanton, the DA's office says. He faces a probable-cause hearing on Jan. 3.

The DA's office provided this account of what McClanaghan allegedly did the night of Nov. 3, starting in a bar in a downtown hotel:

Assistant District Attorney Erin Murphy said that on November 3 McClanaghan met the victim in the bar of a Boston hotel. Video surveillance obtained by investigators showed McClanaghan and the victim in the bar, and showed McClanaghan retrieve something from his pants pocket and appear to sprinkle something over the top of the victim’s drink. Surveillance also showed McClanaghan and the victim entering an elevator and exiting on the floor of the victim’s room.

Murphy said the victim remembered little of what happened next. When the victim woke up, she was in the hotel room bed, bleeding from her vagina and covered in bruises. The woman contacted police, and detectives noted bruising on her knees, ankles, hips, neck, arms and back. The victim showed detectives a photo McClanaghan sent to her phone the morning after the incident. The photos depicted a man performing sexual acts on a woman on a bed similar to the victim’s hotel bed. The victim also noted that the watch being worn by the man in the photo was similar to the watch worn by McClanaghan. The victim noted that her underwear was missing.

Murphy said investigators executed a search warrant on McClanaghan’s house and found the victim’s underwear, along with other women’s underwear.

Innocent, etc.

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a few posts back that this scumbag wrote. If I didn't know about him raping people, I would have thought that article was just a nice piece on someone going through personal struggles. Read it again though knowing what we know now and it reeks of narcissism. Like textbook narcissism.

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It was full of name dropping and bragging. I dare to question if its even the truth, or if he used the plight of actual people who are suffering, to bring attention to himself.

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He didn't look David Carradine's cause of death...

Of course, playing ball for Jim Boehim who not only adsaulted a player but enabled payments to players was surely not a role model by any stretch of the imagination

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How do you send a picture like that and not expect it to be used to identify you?

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After reading that essay, I'm thinking that he's no longer thinking clearly. Maybe this is some f*cked-up cry for help.

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i think we should all chip in and get him a new belt.

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