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End of an era in West Roxbury

Family Dollar closing in West Roxbury

The Family Dollar store, where Value Village used to be, at the corner of Centre and Park streets, is closing for good one of these days, which means West Roxburyans with a yen for discount stuff will have to drive into Roslindale, Hyde Park or Dedham for a Family Dollar. Owner Harris Krafchik put the 8,000-square foot building, built in 1930, up for lease this summer.

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Memories gone by. The discount store is needed now. Discount food, clothing, cleaning products, bedding, furniture, quality health and hygiene products.

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I'm right down the street from that Family Dollar...I used to go in there when CVS didn't have the things I needed; it was also good for cheaper off-brand batteries, notebooks ($1.00), greeting cards (50 cents) and playing cards ($1.00).

ETA (11/26/2022): I went there today and everything is 30% off so far. There are no Christmas items in there (just fall stuff) but it looks bare already.

ETA (12/4/2022): Items are now 50% off and nearly everything is gone

ETA (12/10/2022): I took a peek inside the store (didn't go in) and all items are now 75% off, but the shelves and everything else are bare. I don't know when the store will be closing, but I figure it will be next week or the week after.

ETA (12/17/2022): Family Dollar is no more. The final sale was 90% off, but the store is completely bare, and the lights are off. They will have to remove all of the fixtures and the additional items inside before they turn it over to new owners, whoever it may be.

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But Family Dollar has come through when Village Market and Target have failed me in Roslindale. I even shop their first for a bunch of things.

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When couldn't find things in West Roxbury, I would go to the one in Roslindale and most of the time it was there. The one in Hyde Park used to be McCrory's (and before that, Grant's Department Store) but I haven't been to that one since I moved to West Roxbury.

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of Westie liked they did with the Southie store. Businesses that cater to the poorer citizens of the City are no longer welcomed. They’ll turn it into some bar/restaurant that caters to millennials or Yupsters.

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I remember the old trading post being open when I had moved, but once the owner died, the trading post was converted to an upscale skincare center and gift shop, and the old barn that had the overflow of items that couldn't fit into the store is now used for parties.

What replaces that Family Dollar could well be something as upscale (or a bank). We shall see.

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Build that three story Decelle's like you always promised and make WR great again....

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The bowling alley that was supposed to go in the basement of the post office.

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The one in Quincy center is closing as well. This store has been in business for years. One of my favorites. I am going to miss this store :O(

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