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Final tally in that South Boston condo: Remains of four infants recovered

The Boston Police Department reports that after officers recovered the remains of one infant in a freezer in a condo at 838 East Broadway on Nov. 17, they returned and found the remains of three other infants.

A post-mortem examination was performed on two infant males and two infant females, and the results of the autopsies remain pending. The Boston Police Homicide Detectives along with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office continue to investigate this incident.

Police declined further comment.

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(And if that's what it was, why did it exist?)

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I actually haven’t looked into this specific case but this type of thing is almost always a mentally ill woman who either has stillbirths and doesn’t know what to do or gives birth and doesn’t know what to do.

Sometimes it will be a baby who needs medical attention after birth and the mother simply doesn’t get it and doesn’t do anything once the baby dies.

The freezer thing I will never understand. That’s just crazy town.

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Pretty much all there is to understand, if this is true. Mental illness, hoarding, etc.

It makes no sense because it can't make any sense.

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That's the most plausible but for FOUR?

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But if your body is in a lot of physical stress, blood loss, etc., that crashes your oxygen levels, you can go into shock and literally not be able to think straight.

So someone who goes through a traumatic birth at home, all alone, and then the baby comes out in need of emergency care, physically might not have the brain power to handle it until it is too late. And then when your brain comes back online, panic sets in, which also shuts your brain off.

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from stinking/festering? Idk I’m speaking from a lack of experience here.

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Late-term abortions are medically complicated, and these were apparently full-term infants.

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it'll be an interesting report to read.

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Final tally

Interesting framing. Was this a contest?

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Regardless of anything, 4 dead babies were kept in a freezer for God knows how long. Not ashes in an urn. BODIES IN A FREEZER. That’s insane

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Because as you must have read this person is most likely mentally ill and not going anywhere.

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I'm curious what you think is going on that would make arrest an appropriate or helpful thing. I don't know either, but I do know some people who had a miscarriage. It happened at home, so they were left with the remains, and...I'm not going to judge, but their thinking was understandably not entirely clear at the time. They didn't know what to do, they wanted to dispose of the remains through burial iirc, but they didn't know how to do that, and meantime they had to do something with the remains. So, yes, a freezer was involved, and they ended up in some legal hot water over it, which just doesn't seem like the right thing to do to bereaved people. What purpose was served?

Now, four times? That's a bit much, but I think it points to a greater degree and more prolonged period of confusion and decisions that don't make sense to those of us watching from the sidelines. I don't think it points to anything calling for arrest.

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Postpartum psychosis moms who drown their toddlers go to jail. Stressed moms with no help who have to leave their kids in the car for 45 minutes during an interview go to jail. We still don’t know exactly if this person actually has a mental illness. As you mentioned, four different times is excessive. How long were the fetuses there? Who keeps impregnating this person and allowing them to or helping them store these babies? I’m a parent and I am well acquainted with the stresses that come along with it but looking at frozen babies every time you get a taste for ice cream can’t help with bereavement either. They need to be institutionalized at the very least. The homicided detectives aren’t involved for no reason I would think

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Have you thought about maybe being patient and letting the homicide detectives work? There is very obviously a specific reason they are not releasing everything just yet. And all your questions are probably the same they have asked themselves and are trying to answer.

It’s not CSI. This won’t be solved in between commercials in under a hour before Survivor is on. This will take months if not years for the answers to come, if they ever do.

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We still don’t know exactly if this person actually has a mental illness.

Among other things you don't know is whether this person did anything to harm these fetuses. Put down the pitchfork, ok?

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It was probably just an honest mistake. That happened 4 times. Move along people nothing to see here.

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It must be nice to live in a world where everything has a simple, complete, and easily comprehended by toddlers explanation.

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You are assuming a crime was committed. Your assumption may prove correct but there has to be probable cause to arrest someone for a suspected crime.

The homicided detectives aren’t involved for no reason I would think

The BPD Homicide Unit has the responsibility to investigate several types of incidents including

sudden death when the cause is unknown

Unidentified dead bodies, irrespective of the cause of death

BPD Rule 205: https://bpdnews.com/rules-and-procedures

Making the assumption that it is criminal murder because the Homicide Unit is investigating the case is a bad assumption. The "arson squad" also investigates all fires to determine cause and origin, but that doesn't mean that all fires are suspected to have been an act of arson.

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think "arrest" means. If you go by the dictionary, yes, the individual(s) in question should be taken into protective custody, i.e. This is to say nothing about style.

If you think "arrest" means bad guys into whom you project all your own aggressive fantasies are going to do bad things like they did to G. Floyd, then yeah, I could see why you'd be afraid of the word, because what happened to Mr. Floyd is an abomination.

Probably stick with the dictionary, I mean, if you want to communicate with people outside your head.

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like the realtors wanted it until people started inquiring on FB then BPD had no excuse for not updating the situation.

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It can ruin any chance of getting answers.

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