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Two teens arrested after gunfire near Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain

Boston Police report officers responding to a report of gunfire on Gay Head Street in Jamaica Plain Tuesday night wound up arresting a 14-year-old from Roslindale and a 16-year-old from Roxbury on unrelated outstanding warrants.

Police say officers recovered two guns nearby and that they are continuing to investigate the 8:14 p.m. gunfire and the guns. Police say the teens were initially stopped because they matched descriptions given by at least one person who called 911 about the gunfire.

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I have to question your mention of the Hailey Apartments in the headline, given that it doesn't seem relevant to the story at all - the incident didn't take place there, nor do either of the kids arrested live there. The police report also doesn't make mention of it. The headline implies that there is some connection between these youths and the housing project, but there is no evidence provided to support that - so why mention it?

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But it's literally around the corner from Hailey, which, unfortunately, has been the nexus for gun violence over the years.

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It happened next to JP Convenience which is a hangout for kids from Mildred Hailey. If you were familiar with the area you'd know that.

The shooters clearly aren't from MH, but im willing to bet their target(s) were.

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The vast majority of shootings in JP are at this complex. This one was right by it. It’d be crazy weird if it wasn’t related. It’s not like the complex has some sterling reputation to uphold.

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