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The prince and princess stop to talk to their youngest guard

Kid dressed as a guard outside the palace, but in Somerville

Prince and princess stop to talk to Henry. Photo via the Prince and Princess of Wales.

On their way into Greentown Labs, a climate-change startup center in Somerville, the royal couple couldn't help but notice Henry, an 8-year-old Somerville boy dressed as a member of the King's Guard and holding a bouquet of flowers for the princess.

"Thanks to Henry and everyone who came out to see us in Somerville this morning!" they wrote on their Twitter account. NBC Boston has more.



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The Royals in East Boston at 3PM today along the waterfront , they’ll stop on Liverpool Street and London Street .

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FYI - LFC and their fans have a big distaste for those who got their job because of the sperm lottery:


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Please stop giving this descendent of the person who was at the helm of the attempted genocide of the Irish any more ink, e-ink or actual ink.

Are we going to have cute stories about Stalin's, Mao's, or Hitler's relatives in the future?

Any stories about Idi Amin's grandson doing well in track? How's Ian Smith's grandniece's studies going?

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Didn’t know that.

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Those who speak of a genocide of the Irish are usually referring to the Great Famine, which happened during the time of Queen Victoria. It's a bit hard to attribute it to her, though, even if you think it was the deliberate outcome of British policies, as she was merely a figurehead.

If you want to go back to the original sin, well, yes, Cromwell did invade Ireland, but it was a re-invasion. Ireland had been ruled by the English, in part or in whole, since the twelfth century, with a particularly large invasion under Henry VIII. You could, if you are so inclined, blame it all on Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster, who invited them in the first place. As far as I know the Windsors are not descended from him.

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but the fact is the UK is our strongest ally in the world, with apologies to Canada, Australia, most of the NATO countries, Japan and South Korea. We live in a country with a history of slavery and genocide against the natives. The sins of the fathers cannot be visited upon the children, but the children must learn about such history and do what they can to never repeat it, and make amends. My grandmother came from West Cork, and had cousins who took up arms in the Revolution and the Civil War, and yet several served in His Majesty's military against the Fascists. They held no grudge, and I never heard any of that generation speak ill of the English, or any other nationality. It was and sometimes is a very complicated story.

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In France. He was in the Irish Guards defending the main British running away, sorry retreat, from the Germans 50 miles northeast of Paris in August 1914. He was 20. He was a farmer's son from East Galway. His older brother, a cop, was mowed down in an ambush 6 years later by the IRA. The IRA guy who led the attack became a priest and worked among the poor in Africa for most of his life after out of shame of what he had done.

A lot of Irish and Irish Americans have a mixed feeling on the whole 900 years and counting colonialism.

However with these two, It is not complicated at all. There is the multi-racial British society and their democracy, their bad beer, their excellent soccer, thankfully failing rugby, and their excellent music. That's good.

These two however are welfare layabouts who count on dimless twits worshiping them and their relatives. Somehow their wealth theft (King Charles just avoided a huge tax bill because, you know), their indifference to f'ing a lot of societies and their economies (RE: India), and this guy's granny indifference to things like interning a few hundred thousand Kenyans for no reason, and this guy's uncle raping girls gets passed over by people, like the ones who showed up in Somerville today and City Hall last night, taking their cues from People and Us Magazine.

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Strong by any measure in anything this century.

Sure we’re close, but if a major conflict erupted they wouldn’t be much help.

They’ll send over a few hundred blokes with billy clubs and fur covered handcuffs.

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I think Mussolini's great grandson plays for Lazio.

Also, given the obsessions with Andrew Jackson in this country might be a more relevent comparison.

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The auto-assigned title for this comment is particularly unfortunate given the innocuous nature of the comment itself and the coincidental parallel with Ye's latest.

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I would ordinarily agree with this sentiment, but when did you start acknowledging that systemic oppression was a thing?

Oh, right, in this particular case it would bolster your claims that white Americans with Irish heritage are oppressed in the present-day U.S. Got it.

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It appears your grievance record is skipping at the same point again.

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John, based on prior discussion threads, I'm assuming you might be Catholic ...

If so, presumably you believe we're all descended from Adam and Eve, which means that YOU are also a descendant of each of these and every evil doer to ever walk the face of the earth. You get ink and e-ink, why can't this family?

Also, as a God fearing Catholic, isn't "forgiveness" supposed to mean something to you or are you a complete hypocrite?

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I don't know what John believes in, but it is unwarranted to draw broad conclusions about the religious doctrines someone holds from the forms of religious prejudice and persecution that they object to.

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John Costello, for the reminder that we must never forget our reasons for tribal affinity. That's right, ALWAYS re-invoke past dominations as a way of remaining exactly the fucking same as a species. I mean the human species.

On the other hand, you can't deny Costello his right to jump on the fucking bandwagon, and perversely it seems necessary to remind our new upcoming classes of racialized disliterate looney toones that 'whites feel pain to."

I sometimes hate it here, but it's the only goddamn earth we have.

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Is that why they took 10 SUVs to Somerville today?

Got it.

As far as the racist angle goes? Do you know who Idi Amin, Ian Smith, and Mao were wiping or trying to wipe out? It wasn't the Daughters of the American Revolution. Perhaps you are just dumb.

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I'm curious about this 2nd/3rd grader playing hooky to cosplay... was it his idea, or does he have eccentric parents?

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Kids are capable of having interests and if parents choose to foster those interests then you might call that eccentric but I call it thoughtful. He was out there for a while and I don't know if you've ever dealt with kids before but my nephews will stand in a blizzard if it meant meeting their favorite stars but fold like an accordion in 60 degree weather if they have to wait five minutes to meet someone they don't care about.

As for educational loses. Have you never been on a field trip? We never did it but lots of people take days off for their kids for vacations. This was one day and it involved a historic visit. He got to meet very important international dignitaries. If I were the school or the parent I'd say "sure take the time but over the weekend I want a report on what it was like meeting them and about the palace guards etc."

I think the idea was pretty genius , I saw his photos on Twitter before they arrived and clearly whoever was in charge of advancement saw him and yanked him from the audience because he was standing in front like he was a real guard lol. So the eccentric parents with their hookie son pulled out the meeting of a lifetime, I can't fault that

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Good God, I hope not. Though I suppose it would be in keeping with an ambition to stand outside a building full of D-grade celebrities/welfare bums, motionless and expressionless, in a red suit and fur hat, all day, every day.

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"red suit and fur hat"

And now good sir you attack Santa Claus, have you no shame!

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He could be homeschooled.

Ability to engage with local events is actually a feature.

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take the Royal Couple to Mass and Cass?

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