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One shot, one stabbed in the Theater District

Update: The shooting victim, Branden Barrett, 34, of South Weymouth, died several days later. Police are looking for his killer.

One person was shot outside Moxy on Tremont Street at Stuart Street around 9:10 p.m. The homicide unit and the DA's office were called in due to the seriousness of the shooting victim's injuries.

About 15 minutes later, a stabbing victim walked into the nearby Tufts Medical Center emergency room.

Two suspects were detained not long after at the 272 Tremont St. garage.

At least two rounds went through Moxy's front window and into the lobby.

Video of the scene.



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how many more Madam Mayor? How many more?

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Because nobody ever got shot in Boston before Wu became mayor.

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Do they always call the DA office along with the homicide unit? First time I see this turn of phrase.

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Then, yes, then an assistant DA goes to the scene. It's not new, but, yes, probably the first time I've mentioned it.

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