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City Council to vote Wednesday to start replacing almost the entire zoning board

The City Council will vote Wednesday on eight of Mayor Wu's slate of candidates for the Zoning Board of Appeal, which hears roughly 1,100 cases a year on everything from attic dormers and basement bedrooms to apartment towers and marijuana shops.

Wu announced her proposed list of seven regular members and seven alternates in September, but they remained in limbo until a committee chaired by Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester) held a hearing to interview the candidates. This afternoon, Baker's committee interviewed eight of the candidates, including Sherry Dong and Hansy Better Barraza, who already serve as alternate members, filling in when regular members can't make a particular meeting.

The council's regular Wednesday meeting begins at noon in the council's fifth floor chambers in City Hall.

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My trash day is Thursday. Fck em.

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How many parking spots does a board seat require? If they don't have enough parking they might be denied a permit to serve on the board.

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Curious if Baker's said anything about the delay here - it doesn't seem like the Council's been so busy that there was no way they could find time for this.

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Because of Commodore Flynn's steady hand on the helm.

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