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Beacon Hill's Cambridge Street to get halal takeout

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved plans for a "New York style" halal takeout place at 106-120 Cambridge St. that would offer Halal dishes such as chicken and lamb over rice and falafel.

The proposed outlet would be the second Shah's Halal Food in Boston, but unlike the one in the restaurant row on Boylston at Mass. Ave., it would be take-out only. There's a third outlet of the New York-based chain nearing opening in the Walpole Mall.

The zoning board had to give its OK because city zoning codes consider takeout a "conditional use," which is allowed after a once-over by the board. Shah's still needs to obtain a food-serving license from the Boston Licensing Board before it can open.



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That location used to have a sub shop and a poke bowl place. Both closed and their space has been vacant for too long. Selling lunch to office workers isn’t the sure thing it was before the pandemic; but that ought to be a good location and I wish them good luck.

Voting closed 11