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Guy who jumped out of 12th-story window in Roxbury charged with murder of man whose body was found in the apartment

Michael Perry, 37, was charged with first-degree murder this morning at his second arraignment for an incident on the 12th floor of 35 Northampton St. in which police first found a body, then, after they found him, he jumped out the window, only to be saved by officers who pulled him in through an 11th-floor window, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

A judge ordered him held without bail

Perry had been arraigned Wednesday on a charge of assault with battery.

The DA's office identified the victim as Jose Aponte, 43, of 35 Northampton St. The DA's office provided this account:

Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum said police on Sunday responded to 35 Northampton Street for a well-being check after the family of the victim, Jose Aponte, 43, had reported not hearing from him since Friday. Over the weekend Aponte's boss received a text message from Aponte's phone saying Aponte was sick, but family members said the writing style was not Aponte's. Officers knocked on the 12th-floor apartment, got no response, and enlisted building maintenance for assistance. Officers discovered Aponte's body on the floor. When a SWAT team entered the apartment Perry attempted to jump out a window and had to be rescued by officers.

Innocent, etc.



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The Globe reported that this guy was wearing only his underwear when he jumped and it was those undergarments that got stuck on the window, saving his life.

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