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Coming out of the pandemic and with a possible recession looming, Jamaica Plain chocolate and nut shop to shut down

Leo Baez and Perla Rosario announced this morning they have made "the very difficult decision" not to renew their lease for Cacao, 660 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, and will be closing the shop at the end of the month.

They cited the difficulties of staying open during the pandemic and "a possible recession looming." They add:

In the 80s, when our families immigrated from the Dominican Republic to Boston they settled in JP. We grew up in JP and went to JP schools so opening a business in JP was a dream come true. JP supported us from day one, made our frozen hot cocoa a summer treat to have and our hot chocolate was named one of Boston’s best! Thank you JP for making us your “go to” shop for the holiday season and selling us out year after year!!

Cacao opened in 2018.

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They have another location in Newton, right? I'm very sorry to hear they're closing in JP, but hopefully folks can still get their goodies at the other shop.

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