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Sixth bomb threat sent to Tufts, which is getting rather tired of it all

The Tufts Daily reports on the sixth bomb threat over the past week directed at Tufts University's main campus, sent this morning: "No buildings on the Medford/Somerville campus have been evacuated or closed in response." The Daily adds a copy of the threat was also sent to the Boston-area ATF office.

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What an asshat this person is.

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They can't just ignore them, since that next one might be real.

Boy who cried wolf and all that ...

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What examples are there in the US of someone calling in a bomb that turned out to be real?

I know they can't ignore the threats but I also can't think of a time it wasn't a hoax in the US.

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For phoning in a bomb threat to the Special Olympics, man!

Related: I read an article on Ron DeSantis earlier this year, and he actually threated to pull permits from a Special Olympics event in Florida because they wanted to require masks at their event.

We went in not even 20 years from the above Chappelle's sketch line to a sitting governor actually threatening the Special Olympics. Soak that in. I'd say that's a great attacking point, but after Trump made fun of the disabled reporter, it's clear that's no longer a cudgel.

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The Summer Olympics bombing on July 27, 1996 was proceeded by a bomb threat. Although the bomb was found one person died in the blast and a reporter there died of a heart attack.


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I watched it earlier this year.

The feds are scumbags.

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