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West Roxbury bank robber spoke with an eastern European accent, FBI says

Surveillance photos of West Roxbury bank robber

Surveillance photos via FBI.

The FBI's Violent Crime Task Force has released photos of the man it saysrobbed a Citizens Bank branch on VFW Parkway on Tuesday.

He is described as thin 5-5 light skinned with Eastern European type accent.

He did not show a weapon, but did threaten to shoot a customer who tried to intervene, police say. After the robbery, he was spotted running across VFW Parkway towards Manthorne Road.

If he looks familiar, contact the task force at 781-751-9312.



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In capitalist USA bank robs you

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Just how does a Citizen bank teller or a customer tell an Eastern European accent from Central, or Western European?

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That teller has a good ear or maybe studies linguistics, who knows. Learning about the basis of Indo-European language is fun.

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Eastern Europeans walking off with American money?


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