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New Bedford trio nabbed for stealing catalytic converters in Roxbury, police say

Catalytic converters and a jack

Photo of purloined catalytic converters and a jack by BPD.

Boston Police report arresting three men they say had stealing catalytic converters off parked cars down to an art: One guy used a jack and power tool to saw off the converter, another stood guard as a lookout and the third remained behind the wheel of a running vehicle nearby for a fast getaway.

But alerted by a 911 caller who gave a description of the getaway vehicle stopped on Devon Street around 3:45 Tuesday morning, state troopers "stopped a vehicle matching the given description in the area of 158 Geneva Avenue at which time they observed four catalytic converters along with other evidence in the rear of the vehicle."

BPD officers then arrived and arrested Joshua LeBeau, 26, Isaac Cohen, 24, and Blaze Miranda, 22, all of New Bedford, on charges of receiving stolen property over $1,200, malicious destruction of property and, of course, possession of burglarious tools, police say.

Innocent, etc..

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...for having an EV.
No exhaust system under the car, no catalytic converter for some asshole to steal from your car.

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Part. If there’s a will….

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It's great that they caught them, though I hope they can also find the people who run the resale network.

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Why come all the way up here from New Bedford? At 3:45AM? A long night, I bet they were exhausted.

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Why come from NB?
There’s a higher density of cars with easily accessible catalytic converters in the city vs NB

Why at 3:45AM
So the city is fast asleep and a lower chance that someone will catch them in the act

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I saw what you did there @MrZip.

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Is this covered under your auto or homeowner's insurance?

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