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Excel High basketball player punched referee in the face at game in Cohasset, police say

Cohasset Police say they are investigating an incident this evening in which a 17-year-old player from Excel High in South Boston attacked a referee.

In a statement, Cohasset Police say:

The initial investigation indicates that a 17-year-old player from Excel High School punched a referee in the face during the game.

The game was immediately cancelled and the gym was cleared.

The referee did not require medical attention. There was no further altercation and no Cohasset players were involved.

The student was not immediately charged for the 6:45 p.m. punch, but the incident remains under investigation, police say.



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Gotta charge this kid.

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once the authorities figure out how to get his information out of a VLOOKUP and pivot table

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So sweet

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