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Alfalfa of the bird world blows in for a stay

Northern Lapwing

Mary Ellen journeyed up to Ipswich to take a gander at the Northern Lapwing that is now plovering about in a field there. Audubon reports Northern Lapwings are normally found all over Europe and Asia, but are only rarely seen here, sometimes blown here by winter storms. The Mass. bird world is, of course, all atwitter, Mary Ellen says.

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LOL love those topical references;) (and I say this as a huge Little Rascals fan)

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Amazing!! Where in Ipswich, I wonder. We birded in Ipswich/ Topsfield today and encountered the usual suspects: red-tailed hawk, northern flicker, white-breasted nuthatch… heard a fox sparrow, but did not spot it. Happy New Year!

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Then search for "Northern lapwing." There are a couple Ipswich entries.

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The National Bird of Ireland, according to:

this page.

The dark body plumage takes on a green sheen in the proper light

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in a forlorn, decadent kind of way. It would be better suited for the role of National Bird of the Weimar Republic. I can see it hanging around the Kit Kat Klub, perhaps perched on Liza Minnelli's hat.

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