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APB for Red Line window puncher

Wanted for Red Line window smashery

Surveillance photos via TPD.

Transit Police report they are looking for an alleged yutz who, on leaving a Red Line train at Kendall/MIT around 7:30 p.m. yesterday, punched a train window, causing a spider crack that force the T to take the train out of service, in case you were wondering why service was even a bit slower than usual yesterday evening.

If the bare-knuckle window fighter looks famiilar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text to 873873.

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than a widow puncher

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Judging by the outfit, I expect the T PD are going to be visiting a lot of local organizations' IT departments looking for their suspect.

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When the T can't run trains do to a shortage of replacement windows judges might actually punish someone.

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2 new broken windows on the Fields Corner inbound platform

1 window broken (for the last 10 years at least) next to the escalator at Savin Hill

But yesterday I actually saw a new Red Line train move through South Station. The arriving train was accompanied by an announcement pointing out that it was a new train. That sure did make me feel great, although it was not an Ashmont train so I did not take it.

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It doesn't look like anything common like a red sox or other sportsing or fashion logo, and might help ID the guy.

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even after his tension easing window punch. When they catch him do you think they'll ask him why he did it?

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rather than an after photo.

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