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Forest Hills back down to just one Indian restaurant

Bukhara, which apparently last served something before Thanksgiving, remains closed, with a "For Lease" sign in the window, leaving Tikki Masala as the only Indian restaurant across from the Forest Hills T stop.



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Not an expert but just IMHO.

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We have always used Bukhara, which is average for sure. We tried TM once but it managed to be worse.

The best is in Cambridge. Suvai.

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at Tikki, I really like the Veg Dinner for 2. Go-tos: punjabi daal, banggan bharttha, and palak paneer.

I think it is well-priced for the quality, fast, and I can walk to it. Is it the *best* I have had in greater Boston, no... but it is good.

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We really like Punjab Palace in Brookline

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If you need a new spot, Shanti down in Rosi is the best. Seriously. You’ll never go anywhere else.

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Best username of 2023 so far.

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I remember when Bukhara first opened and it was pretty excellent. But, it went downhill a little at its Center St. location as well.

In August, I went to the location by Forest Hills - first time going to it in years and first time at that location. It was acceptable but nothing to travel for.

Now I live by just two Indian restaurants on the North Shore, and neither amaze me. They just do for when I want Indian.

What happened to truly great Indian restaurants --- or where are they? I'm talking about ones worth traveling for, because that's what I'd have to do.

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