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Beaming at Chinatown's newest school, now under construction

Structural beams for new Quincy Upper School auditorium

If you want to see what a modern auditorium looks like from underneath, now's the time to get over to Washington Street and Marginal Road in Chinatown to see the steel skeleton of the seating area for the new Josiah Quincy Upper School auditorium.

The $147-million BPS school, for grades 7-12, is scheduled to open with the start of the 2024-2025 school year.

Drone-ish fly-through video by HMFH Architects:

New Josiah Quincy Upper School construction Web site.



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Interior tour begins at 1:12.

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Under the Bleachers

by Seymour Butts

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BPS students deserve the best.

That garden on the roof is incredible. An environment like this will show students they're valued and encourage them to take their education seriously.

Build more.

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The particulate matter from the highways nearby makes this area have some of the worse air quality in the city. There is a lot more we should be doing to prove that students are valued than placing some green infrastructure on top of a school in a highly polluted area and calling it a day.

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Because he knows for a fact, and can show his evidence that the new building will have none of the state-of-the-art HVAC and air-filtration systems we've learned since March, 2020 are important in a school building and so will be even less safe than the old upper school built in, what, the early 1900s?

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