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DCR knocks down long shuttered recreational area for kids with disabilities in Stony Brook Reservation

Missing Thompson Center

With Angelo Scaccia no longer in power to block its removal, DCR has taken down what was once a state-of-the-art play area for kids with disabilities but which over the decades after its closure had turned into a bunker used mainly by local graffiti artists to highlight their skills and drug addicts to shoot up, as Jake discovered on a walk in Stony Brook Reservation today.

An area group of dog owners once raised money for plans to turn the feces-strewn Thompson Center into a state-of-the-art dog park, in an area of the city that does not have one, but in 2017, then state Rep. Angelo Scaccia blocked the plans, citing a 1967 law that required the Thompson Center could only be used for children with disabilities, and never mind that that law had long been obsolete due to federal and state laws requiring all playgrounds eventually be equipped with facilities for such kids.

Scaccia retired in 2020.

The spot might at first appear to offer new parking for people looking to wander the 475-acre Stony Brook forest, but that would prove contrary to DCR's decades-long policy of blocking off parking spaces in the reservation with large boulders and the odd log.



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Dotnews says 2020:

Wickedlocal talks about the dog park here:

It's criminal that the beautifully landscaped Thompson Center was allowed to rot for decades. But Scaccia blocked every attempt to use it insisting it be only for disabled children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with abled and disabled children playing together.

Hopefully, it's future will be much better than its past.

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Stupid fingers. He retired in 2020, fixed.

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Nice to know he is no longer in a position to block matters that are in the public interest instead of his conflict of interest.

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So is there a plan for what happens next ?

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Luxury condos?

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Much, more in the "public interest" than, say, restoring a playground for kids with disabilities. And yeah, once you build it you do have to maintain it.

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That looks like some ghost ramp for the never built I-95.

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