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UMass Boston to require indoor masking again

UMass Boston announced today that masks will be required in all campus buildings and buses - and large outdoor gatherings - starting Monday.

The university cited today's shift of Suffolk County from moderate to high Covid-19 transmission risk:

While on-campus transmission has remained low and our very highly vaccinated population continues to have strong protection against severe disease, we nonetheless will continue to follow the CDC guidance. UMass Boston will reinstitute our indoor mask requirement on Monday, January 9. 

Our mask requirement applies to all individuals regardless of vaccination status and the requirement applies in all indoor settings (including campus shuttles) as well as in crowded outdoor settings.

The school says it has free masks available at four locations, along with free testing and vaccinations.



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I hope more of the local colleges follow suit.

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I'm glad to see that they are doubling down.

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Institutions making intelligent choices to try and protect public health, even if it's unpopular, is always nice to see.

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