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Hyde Park woman and teen pal charged with slicing, stomping woman in Quincy road rager

State Police report arresting a Hyde Park woman on charges she used a pair of scissors to try to carve up another woman in Quincy Saturday afternoon - and her alleged 16-year-old accomplice on charges that after the woman was done, she kicked the victim in the head.

State Police say Mindy Alleyne, 22, and the girl, too young to have her name released, got into a traffic altercation with the victim shortly before 4:45 p.m. at Quincy Shore Drive and Bay State Road and stomped the woman, with Alleyne using the scissors to stab her in the head and arm. EMTs transported her to Carney Hospital with injuries not considered life threatening.

Troopers were able to quickly gather enough information to head over to Alleyne's Blake Street home, where they found her, the teen and the Elantra they allegedly drove from the scene in, State Police say, adding Alleyne left the scissors behind at the stomping scene.

Alleyne was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, mayhem and disorderly conducted and was held at the South Boston barracks in lieu of $5,040 bail, at least until her arraignment in Quincy District Court. The 16-year-old was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot) and disorderly conduct, but was released to the custody of her mother, State Police say.

Innocent, etc.



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She’s a charming young lady, and should definitely be protected and coddled at home, rather than face consequences for her behavior


when are we going to start arresting criminals even if they happen to be juveniles

now she’s back home with her mother, who has obviously raised her in such a way that the young person feels it’s OK to behave this way in society

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She was arrested.

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Stroads really bring out the best in motorists.

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Quincy Shore Drive is not a stroad.

Moreover, the MDC did a lot of traffic calming, to the extent that drivers can sometimes get aggravated.

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I mean, if you want to argue that it's a highway, I'd agree (six high speed lanes separated by median strip). But generally, a big, wide, over capacity road, dangerous for pedestrians and other non-vehicular users, is what people mean by stroad, and it's definitely that.

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Hence my claim that this road should not be considered such.

This road was laid down as a 4 lane road to take vehicles from the Neponset River Bridge through Quincy avoiding the main commercial areas. This road has always had pedestrian amenities and has very little commercial activity- most of the businesses are food related and cater to those walking along the beach. There are traffic lights, designed to aid the crossing of the road from the residential areas to the beach, every few blocks, and those are short blocks.

There are stroads in the Boston area, but I would call Quincy's Hancock Street a stroad before I'd call this road a stroad. If this is a stroad, Commonwealth Avenue in the Back Bay is surely one as well.

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What you describe, Waquiot is the section by Wollaston Beach, which is to say, not where this incident took place. Call it whatever you want, but the location of this incident has too many lanes, too inadequate a pedestrian infrastructure, and is never lacking for aggressive drivers.

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But that said, the area in question doesn't really fit the definition of a stroad. This part of Quincy has a stroad.

Oh, and I screwed up my Quincy street. I meant Newport Avenue rather than Hancock.

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