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Man charged with murdering his girlfriend, last seen in Dorchester in 2007


Felicia McGuyer.

A man being held in a Florida jail faces arraignment in Dorchester tomorrow on charges he murdered Felicia McGuyer sometime after she was last seen at 17-19 Roxton St. in Dorchester in October, 2007, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

McGuyer's body has not been located. In 2017, investigators spent two days digging in the woods on the West Roxbury side of Stony Brook Reservation but did not find remains. At the time of her disappearance, she was 32 and had a son, 10.

David Pena, 18 at the time and now 33, is being flown back from Florida by members of the BPD fugitive unit, the DA's office report, adding evidence pointing to Pena developed during interviews over the years, the most recent in March of last year. Prosecutors obtained a warrant for his arrest on murder charges this past Dec. 12.

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Let this scumbag rot

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Have you seen the evidence? This isn't Russia, remember, innocent until proven guilty.

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Why no picture of the man who got arrested?

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