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DA says there's enough evidence to charge Dorchester man with 2007 murder of his girlfriend even without her body

A Dorchester man was ordered held without bail today on charges he murdered his girlfriend in 2007, rolled her body up in a carpet, then had a friend help him dispose of it in a wooded area somewhere in the Boston area.

Investigators have yet to find Felicia McGuyer's remains, but at David Pena's arraignment in Dorchester Municipal Court today, a Suffolk County prosecutor said authorities had enough evidence to obtain a warrant for him last month. Pena was extradited from Florida, where he was in custody on an unrelated charge.

At Pena's arraignment this morning, assistant DA Masai-Maliek King laid out the basic case against Pena, based in part on a series of interviews that ran from 2007 up through March of last year: Pena, then 18, was living with McGuyer, then 33, with an 11-year-old son, on Roxton Street in Dorchester, when the couple got into some sort of fight in October that left Pena with injuries at his mother's home on Devon Street and McGuyer dead.

Pena told police, who interviewed him three months after McGuyer disappeared that she stabbed him with a pair of scissors, but told another person that she also came at him with a baseball bat.

On May 15, 2017, the Boston Police conducted an interview that was video/digitally recorded.  This interview was conducted with a witness known to the Commonwealth and further referred to as Witness #4.  During this interview Witness #4 stated that they knew David Pena.  Witness #4 stated that Pena was dating and living with McGuyer at Roxton St.  prior to her disappearance. Witness #4 stated that Pena had called a couple of days after October 7, 2007 and wanted help moving things out of Roxton St.  Witness #4 stated that during a phone call Pena said that he was going to strangle McGuyer. Witness #4 stated that when he arrived in the early morning hours at Roxton St. things were already packed in bags.  He stated that there was a rolled-up carpet that contained a blanket and that it was difficult to carry. Witness #4 immediately thought there was a body wrapped up in the carpet and blanket. 

Witness #4 eventually observed that it was in fact Felica McGuyer's body wrapped up in the carpet and blanket.  Witness #4 was with Pena when the two drove the carpet & blanket with Felica's body to a spot Witness #4 believed was somewhere in the Boston area.  Witness #4 was not sure where in Boston as Witness #4 is not originally from the Boston area..  Witness #4 helped Pena carry Felica's McGuyer's body into a wooded area with a parking lot.  Witness #4 returned to the car to wait at Pena's request.  After some time, Pena returned to the car without the body of McGuyer.  Witness #4 then drove away with Pena.  Witness #4 believed they had disposed of McGuyer's body.

In November, 2017, investigators spent two days digging up part of the West Roxbury side of Stony Brook Reservation, but did not find any remains.

King added that in the years since McGuyer's disappearance, neither her mother nor her son have ever heard from her and that both believe she is dead. Her monther:

Stated that Felicia was in daily constant contact with her and her child up and until her disappearance in October 2007 Neither her mother, her son, nor any of her other family or close friends have had contact with McGuyer since October 7, 2007. 

King continued that financial databases show no activity by her since October, 2007, that federal records show no evidence of her leaving the country and that a federal DNA database shows no hits related to her.

Pena returns to court Feb. 17 for a probable-cause hearing.

Innocent, etc.

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There is something about a over 30 year old dating a 18 year old that makes me feel uncomfortable but she did not deserve to be killed.

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