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Man charged with raping woman at Chinatown hotel, holding her there for ransom

A Boston man was ordered held without bail for at least 60 days at his arraignment this week for kidnapping, two counts of aggravated rape, two counts of assault and battery and threats for an incident Monday morning at the DoubleTree Hotel, 821 Washington St. in Chinatown, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Herbert Jones, 49, actually had bail set at $50,000 on the charges, but revoked his bail on an earlier, unrelated case, according to the DA's office.

Police managed to free the victim after her ex-boyfriend called 911 to report she was in danger at the hotel shortly before 8 a.m. on Monday, the DA's office reports:

When police arrived at the fourth-floor room they found the victim to be visibly upset, crying, sweating and breathing heavily. The victim told police that Jones, who was also in the room, had held her against her will and had forced her to call her ex-boyfriend to request money. She also said Jones forced her to have sex and hit her several times in the face. The victim was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

Jones has a criminal record dating to 1991, the DA's office says.617-742-4911 or 800-832-1901.

Innocent, etc.

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That is, if he’s convicted.

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What a twisted mind. Why would he think her ex-boyfriend would pay ransom? Going to be another interesting case.

And what's up with the phone numbers at the end?

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