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King tide a royal pain along the Neponset

Flooding along the Neponset in Cedar Grove

Normally, you can commune with nature on the path along the Neponset River, but this morning the combination of a storm and high tide means you'd have to put on galoshes, or maybe get out a kayak, first, as the Neponset River Greenway Council shows us. The council adds:

Other low-lying areas of the trail at Pope John Paul II Park, Tenean Beach and Morrissey Blvd are also flooded.



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Every child, put down your toys
And come inside to sleep
We have to look you in the eye
And say, "We sold you cheap"
Let's confess, we did not act
With serious urgency
So open up the floodgates
To the rising seas

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That must have been an awe inspiring sight from the Mattapan Trolley. Anyone got any pics of the marshes from the station to the graveyard?

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I hadn't considered the Mattapan Trolley. I'll have to go get some video/photos the next time this happens.

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