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Board permanently shuts Dorchester restaurant that was scene of early morning triple shooting

The Boston Licensing Board this week canceled the license of La Parrilla on Hancock Street following a hearing at which police said three people were shot in October an illegal after-hours basement club run by the son of some woman in New York, rather than the licensed owner.

The three board members quickly agreed to cancel the license, with almost no discussion, at a meeting yesterday.

At a hearing on Tuesday, police said they'd been unable to find owner Diustin Cruz - he no longer lives at the Dorchester address he used for his license - but that as part of their investigation found he'd rented the place out to a woman in New York who was letting her son run the place, including offering hard liquor and hookahs to patrons in a facility with no license for either, and with hours that extended to dawn, also without city approval.

The restaurant had been closed since the shootings.



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