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Group of teens attack another group of teens and a window on a T bus with bricks; two injured, windows smashed, police say

Smashed bus window

Smashed bus window. Photo by TPD.

Transit Police report that one group of teens attacked another group unprovoked on a bus at Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road around 3:30 p.m.

The aggressors used bricks in the attack and shattered bus windows, police say.

EMTs treated two injured teens on scene, police say, adding the bus had to be taken out of service.



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Not surprising that the T is having trouble hiring bus drivers.

Edit: To be clear, I'm sympathizing with bus drivers throughout the system. It doesn't seem like an easy job. Take racist replies elsewhere.

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I saw that Globe article as well, nice timing. People complain about service in this part of the city and behavior like this is not helping. I've never seen anything like this on the 57.

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Oh I get it, you're comparing a bus line in a black neighborhood to the 57 bus in a white neighborhood. Real clever you are

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Most people who ride buses on Blue Hill Ave. have also not seen anything like it, because such incidents are rare system wide. So what exactly is the point you are trying to make?

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Without using google I can recall two very recent violent acts on the T. Stabbing on a bus at Andrew about 2, maybe three months ago.

Last month three teens were jumping and beating people with a crowbar.

And those are just top of mind and widely reported incidents. Lots of thing never make the news.

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I've never seen anything like this on the 95.

But there was plenty of it going on in Southie during the busing tantrum.

Your point?

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People in poverty should have punishment heaped on them because of what poverty causes. It's MORAL! And because THOSE PEOPLE.

Hey, its worked to keep an underclass under heel for thousands of years of "civilization" - why stop punishing now?

Some education for ya: https://dsl.richmond.edu/panorama/redlining/

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They got screwed by blockbusting, but because most of them were white, the self righteous liberals like yourself thought they got what they deserved.

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I take the 32 every day. It is like the line that moves it's drivers from. I have not seen this on the bus but there have been fights and a lot of yelling on the bus. Since the buses are crowded, it is not that surprising.

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No wonder applicants are quitting after they get their bonus and free CDL training.

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Maybe they’ll start taking control of their offspring.

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Making them take a fourth job and be out of the house 24/7 will really fix things!!!

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Do you have information that I don’t about the assailants? As you love to request - citations please!

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I have no sympathy for teenaged hooligans. Lock 'em up and make them break rocks for a few years.

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