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Boston's latest murder victim was just 13

WCVB identifies the victim of a fatal shooting at Babson and Fremont streets in Mattapan Sunday morning as Tyler Lawrence, 13. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says the boy appears to have been targeted rather than the victim of a stray bullet.

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No words.

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When we destroy every existing firearm, zap everybody with the institutional knowledge on how to make one with those lasers from Men in Black to make them forget, and destroy the Internet so that information on how to make or get one is never disseminated again.

In other words, end poverty, legalize drugs, and don't piss off people who already have guns. And even the latter doesn't stop an errant bullet. I'm sorry that you and I have to live in this time. Maybe the time in between curing polio and crack hitting the street was okay, if not for that stupid-ass Vietnam War thing.

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This is horrible. It doesn't matter if he's 13 or 30. Both are far too young and I don't know what the solution is. When I was 13, I was spending most of my time outside playing sports or inside playing games with my siblings.

Far too often, there's a history of broken families and violence. We all can recognize that it's a repeating cycle.

At the absolute least, what happened to "I'll meet you at the flagpole after school" and that was it. No weapons involved. Granted, it's far from perfect but it certainly was better than what we see now.

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Teens overall are much safer and less likely to experience violence than they were a generation ago. Unfortunately, when violence does happen it tends to be more extreme. Everybody's going from 0 to 60 nowadays in terms of emotional management and behavior.

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