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Too cool for school

Boston Public Schools will be closed tomorrow due to the cold. Superintendent Mary Skipper says:

With extreme weather conditions and many of our students commuting to and from school, walking, and waiting for public transportation outdoors, we have made the decision to close for the day. Due to the low temperatures and strong wind gusts, there is an increased risk of hypothermia and frostbite. We acknowledge closing schools is a challenge to many of our families and encourage families in need to take advantage of warming centers on Friday and Saturday.

BCYF community centers and BPL branches will be open as warming centers on Friday and Saturday - but no childcare is available.

Meals will be available at 13 locations between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Friday:

  • Thomas A. Edison K8 School, 60 Glenmont Rd, Brighton
  • James F. Condon School, 200 D St, South Boston
  • Mario Umana Academy, 312 Border St, East Boston
  • Boston Latin School, 78 Avenue Louis Pasteur
  • Margarita Muniz Academy, 20 Child St, Jamaica Plain
  • Orchard Gardens K-8 School, 906 Albany St, Roxbury,
  • Lila Frederick Pilot Middle School, 270 Columbia Rd
  • Richard J. Murphy K-8 School, 1 Worrell St, Dorchester
  • Community Academy of Science and Health, 11 Charles St, Dorchester
  • Mildred Ave K-8 School, 5 Mildred Ave, Mattapan
  • Boston Community Leadership Academy, 655 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park
  • Dr. William H. Ohrenberger School, 175 W Boundary Rd, West Roxbury
  • Josiah Quincy Elementary School, 885 Washington St, Chinatown

Because schools will be closed, the deadline for round-one school registration will be extended from tomorrow to Monday. Families with in-person Welcome Center appointments for tomorrow will be contacted to reschedule on Monday; online appointments for tomorrow, however, will go on as scheduled.

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Great headline. It's up there with Eddorians Win.

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The forecast says it’ll only hit 20 degrees?? We used to walk to school in temperatures way, way lower than that.

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The high is 20 at 6am (not including wind). By the time school gets out, wind chill will be in the negatives

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It's really howling out there.

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...however, memory is a tricky thing. As others have pointed out, the temperatures will be dropping through the day, and with the wind chills, the danger of frostbite is very high today. If you really walked to school "in temperatures way, way lower than that", you either know what is needed to protect yourself from frostbite (and had all those things available to you), or you had a very short walk, or your face probably looks like a pepperoni pizza now.

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Most kids in Boston don't have schools within walkable distance anymore, and even if they do they probably get bussed somewhere else.

Twenty degrees and windy isn't too cold to walk a few blocks to school. It's too cold to stand on a streetcorner waiting for a bus that might never come.

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It is that single digit afternoon dismissal with howling winds that is the problem.

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But it's warm enough to get there for heat and food?

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Warming centers exist to help keep people alive. A building can be used for more than one purpose; it's not a difficult concept.

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Sure, but the challenges to get there are the same.

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Sure, but the food is for kids who have to get to their meals under the same conditions.

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The city hall would never cancel a green carpet event in this weather.

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Probably one of those things where somebody thinks they are "owning the libs," who voted for Mayor Wu, but makes no sense whatsoever to anybody who actually has a functioning brain.

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