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There'll always be a Massachusetts, sub-zero edition

Guy in shorts on coldest day in a long time in Union Square.

While on a Union Square Donuts run this morning, Brandon Horst couldn't help but notice this guy.

Spotted my first guy walking out in shorts with an iced coffee. I knew Somerville wouldn’t let me down.

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The "men wearing shorts all year round no matter the weather or circumstance" genre has, by my observation, been going on since the early 90s, though some may dispute that timeline. Also, the obverse of this is the grunge-wannabe "wearing heavy wool caps a/k/a 'beanies' all year round no matter the weather or circumstance". Many of the men wearing shorts all year round are not, or are no longer, young either. So it's not a "kids these days" thing by any means. I'd love to hear from some of the "shorts at any cost" guys to see what motivates them. It has clearly moved beyond a simple "trend".

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Recall from even before the 90's- went to college in the Midwest for a short period in the late 80's and recall an early-season blizzard that drew out a bunch of wacky students wearing shorts and sandals with 18 inches of snow and sub-freezing temperatures

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Our letter carrier would prefer to be able to wear a kilt most days (he was actually part of that movement for letter carriers), but he brings his shorts for when it gets above 45F or so.

He's nearly 60.

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I run and participate in sports throughout the year and wear athletic shorts. I have been doing this my entire adult life especially as I get older. I worked in medicine as a career and wore scrubs.There was also a time when I wore suits. However I am most comfortable in shorts. I am retired presently and shorts are my go to 99% of the time. I will also wear them blowing snow unless it is light powder then maybe slap on some jeans. It is nice to know I am not alone in my wardrobe choices.

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Years ago Chet and Nat had a weatherman named Dick Albert. He called the type of weather we're having the 'Montreal Express'. When it warmed up, he'd say 'GBAGL' pronounced 'g-bagel'. Meant Good Bye And Good Luck.

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Ahhh, the days of REAL news and weather people. The kind who's every other word wasn't "guys" and "you guys". (Are you listening Shiri Spear?).

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honestly for my own mental health I had to write a lot of you uhubbers off when ya'll came out against cargo shorts.

plus, as we speak some finance boy or girl locally is probably from their bedroom contracting with a factory in China to make the next gen of microfiber cargo shorts. say im wrong.

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They are naturally still popular for outdoorsy types who need to carry various things for their outdoorsy travels.

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Taking one for the team to maintain the trope. :-)

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I just don't get it ??? Why ?????

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